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tirsdag 8. januar 2019

Jan Hammer sound is now found

So after so many years i finally found out what Jan Hammer was using.

Yamaha DX5 is Jan Hammers famous sound.

And this sound is possible to create with this.

and the sound is : RR DX Keys - Chorused Rhodes
and use reverb

 The tune is made by me. And it was just made to show the sound.

The drum machine i use is same as Mr. Hammer. The Linn LM 1

torsdag 15. mars 2018

The Magic of Jan Hammer - Secret of Jan Hammer now in Fl Studio

Ever since i was a kid i loved the sounds of Jan hammer.
So i have been searcing for his sounds all this week.And today i will share my finds with you all.

Who is Jan hammer ?
Jan hammer is the sound of Miami Vice and this serie i still think is amazing.Without Jan hammer and his music well do  need to say anything more?

Hear the sounds here:

And on internet there is almost nothng to find how he made his amazing sounds.

I will let you all get same tools as i found.

First you need som studio apps.

Here you find them all.

These make the sound be like Jan hammer.

Here is my setup in Fl studio


The next ting is we need to find some really old files. (Syx files)
And a plugin that can play syx files.

Jan hammer used these synth

But i have found out that he used most this one.
And it is this one we going to talk about now.

To run Syx files you need this program.


"Dexed is a multi platform, multi format plugin synth that is closely modeled on theYamaha DX7Dexed is also a midi cartridge librarian/manager for the DX7"

Now you need some syx files.
In Dexed it is more sounds then you see right away.

Go to


Then this window come up. But i have more syx files then Dexed come with.
So not look on what you are missing. We are coming to that as we go along.

Here is the files i started with. All thanks to Gonga.


 Download these. And then you put them into dexed
This is were you put it.(I block out my pc name)
Then it looks like this.
OK now we are ready.

 I click on rom1b.syx

 Only to show you. And Sitar will with setup

 Now sounds like Jan Hammer.But try other sounds too.
I found so many sounds that now is the secret of Jan Hammer.

There are more files that you might need. But this setup makes it sound like Jan Hammer always.
 Orginal file with Dexed. And you hear Jan Hammer Gitar.

  •  Jan hammer sounds come from C1 to C4
 Background sounds is many times.


I will also talk about another way.
Native Instruments FM 7.

I not have all sounds yet. Reason is that Jan Hammer always used a Keytar and puched the sounds on his keytar.

He also used drum machines.

  • LINNDRUM (1982) 
  • Simmons SDS8
And Jan was very gentle on drum beats.
Like 1 drum beat and then other sounds as max 2 beats.
Hear the beat is Even.


This post i will write more one as i found out more.

Fl studio and Arturia Mini Lab Problem

For a long time i have not got my minilab to work how it should do.

Every time i load Fl studio then the settings is reset.
But i have understod some.And i would ike to share this.

1.Midi control center - Arturia

When you start up Flstudio, the default setting is on Knob Acceleration is FAST.

This is the problem. 

To make it work with Fl studio it need to be MEDIUM

I store this setting i Memory 2. 
The problem is that this setting will not been remember by 
fl studio. So you need to go to Arturia Midi control center before you start fl studio.

The i go Device the re call from memory 2 where i have stored Knob Accerleration  as Medium. This you need to do every time.

Then i start FL studio.And then this setting is medium and Fl studio knob will work. If not, then the knob will be like 0 to full . And who can use it like that ?

2.To make button work in Flstudio.

To make Fl studio "remeber" the settings. You need to use Genetic Link.

When you have done this. You need to restart the VST.
Then you button will work the time you start Fl studio.

Before i used Link to controller. But this only work 1 time. Then if you restart fl studio then you had to settthis up again

Well that is my tip of the day. Enjoy!


lørdag 6. januar 2018

Retro plugins

Long time sinze i wrote on my blogg.But here i found something that is amazing.

The product from https://www.beatskillz.com/

Look on this amazing 80z plugins.

Beatskillz - Breakdance Drums

And what i really love is these two

Beatskillz RetroKZ - 80s Retro Synth Sampler Plugin

Beatskillz RETROHIT - 80s inspired Drum Plugin

torsdag 10. august 2017

SYLENTH1 and problem with AVG

I have foud out that SYLENTH1 has big problem  with AVG.

The plugin will load slow and them it will not come any sound at all.

So i went to AVG and tried to see how to disable this . Because this probem is your firewall that make this.

So i went to this page.


And they not even update to the new AVG.

 So i found the only way to make SYLENTH1 work is to go to

And just make it from red to green.

I think i turne off the firewall.But who knows. AVG has made the new ffirewall so hard to understand. Start to think it is time to change .

Why they made it so difficult compare to the firewall that was before. Like in the article in the link  above. That i could understand.

After i did above then  SYLENTH1 worked.

Here is another problem

This work :

Go to component (Left side under general)

Go to Field Shild
Then go:
Turn off like this.

Test of Slenth now working. If so do this:

Add an Exeptions
 go to where you have sylenth stored then add this path in Exeptions. It should now work

fredag 4. august 2017

How to use to VST in the same time

Have you ever waned to use 2 instrument in the same time in FL studio. Well i have and since my memory is so bad. I write it up on my blogg to remember for next time.

So i have loaded two vst.

Amd now i want one lead sound and one bass sound. But want the sound as i play to feel full.

So here is how did.
My Keyboard is on input port 1.
By putting both VST in same input port i am able to play both VST in same time.

And the sound is amazing

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