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fredag 27. januar 2012

Ipa files and how to install on iphone

Where to store ipa files and how to install on your iphone without itunes.

1. You need a tool that you can download from here. This is called iexplorer.
2. When you have downloaded an Ipa fil. Then you need to transfer this to this folder

name...../Root Directory/var/mobile/Documents/Installous/Downloads

See a video here

How to install iPA files without iTunes or SSH only iPhone Explorer (Iphone explorer is  Iexplorer)

 After transfered then you can install it under Installous, your Iphone must be jailbroken to install Ipa files in this way.

See video here about Installous

 If you need to Jailbreak your iphone then see more info in this blogg.

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