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søndag 29. juli 2012

How i got Siri on my Iphone 3gs

There was many versions how to do. No one of them worked for me.
Forum for this it http://i4siri.com/i4siri-public-servers/

So here is how i got it to work.
My Iphone runs OS 5.0 and jailbreaked by redsn0w.

a) I add http://i4siri.com/repo on Cydia, under manage--> sources i added this link
 Also i added

b) Open Cydia, search and install Spire from the BigBoss repo.

c) Then i Go into the Settings app >> general >> siri and turn on Siri on

d) I go out on Safari to  http://i4siri.com/installcertificate.html

And follow all steps

After i did like this it worked for my iphone 3gs

It is some page that say (That not worked for me) And i did not get any spire icon at all

3. Now go into the Settings app, scroll down until you see ‘Spire’ and input: https://i4sirifree.mooo.com/ in the proxy url. You can try https://superbeta.chickenkiller.com if the first one doesn’t work.

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