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søndag 4. august 2013

IPhone Home Button Not Working? Assistive Touch can be the Workaround


This work also on Iphone 3gs

iPhone Home ButtonObviously, the Home button is the most-frequently-used button on iPhone. It’s not uncommon the home button becomes less sensitive after extensive use. In worst case, the home button is completely not working. The best way to fix the issue, if your iPhone is still under warranty, is to bring the device back to Apple Store and repair it.
However, it takes time to repair your phone. What if you need to use your iPhone to handle some urgent issues? Here we would like to show you a way to workaround the home button issue.

In any case your home button becomes less sensitive or is even broken, the Assistive Touch feature in iOS 5 may work as an interim solution. The Assistive Touch is one of the accessibility features that helps people with disabilities experience using the iPhone. That said, the feature can serve as a workaround when your home button is broken.

How To Enable Assistive Touch to Access Home Button from Screen

First, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility. Scroll down to find the “AssistiveTouch” option. Tap on it and set the “AssistiveTouch” option to ON.
iOS 5 AssistiveTouch Option
Once you activate the option, you’ll find a transparent button at the lower-right corner of the screen. Tap on it to bring the touch menu.
iOS 5 AssistiveTouch Touch Button
You’ll see the “Home” button option that provides the same function as the physical home button.

iOS 5 AssistiveTouch Home Button

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