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onsdag 22. januar 2014

Did you loose Personal Hotspot on your iphone?

I have tried all things that people on the internet told me.

And now i have found a way i want to share with you.(I did not make this video)

Go settings > General settings > Network > Cellular data network

Then you add this :

APN : connect.mobillinkworld.com

APN: mms.mobillinkworld.com

MMSC : http://mms/
MMS Proxy :

Internet Tehering: connect.mobillinkworld.com

Then i restart the Iphone.

Then after i started Iphone i went to:

settings > General settings > Network > Cellular data network (Again)
and i scroll down to then of Cellular data network

Now you should see Personal hotspot    Off

Turn that on and then it should be visible in Settings and now phone might work as it should do.

This also work if you have IOS 5.1

Hope that helped.

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