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mandag 22. september 2014

How to move your torrent files

Did you ever have torrent files that you never got done or you had installed Utorrent on C: and wanted to move the torrent files to a new harddrive.

In some cases, you might find that you need to move your files, be it due to simple reorganization, possibly to reinstall Windows, or maybe even to move
BitTorrent and all the torrent jobs along with their contents to a new computer. In any case, the process is simple, though it can turn out to be a lengthy one.
Realize that along the way, you might lose your accumulated statistics for each torrent job, but that does not mean you lose the statistics on the associated
trackers, so do not fret about that.

Today i show you how to move torrent files.

Tools you will need:

BEncode Editor

Go here on this website
When you use this software it looks like this

You also need to know this
 All our download are located at
go start
put this line inside search

 click on folder utorrent
 You come to here on your pc
And in here your earlier torrent files are stored. So if you think the original torrent file is gone, no it is just store here.
 But we need to change where files are being stored.

I want here to store at 
But before i used 
 But because i have a new portable harddrive on 2 TB i want to store in there.


a) Shut down μTorrent (to stop all connections).

B) Start BEncode Editor        Go to fil - open 
 look after
 RESUME.DAT under filename

scroll down in this window

when you find


click on it

Now you get this window up

I already changed to

so now you see my downloads

But you need to change the path that is in your torrent fil to make them work.
I use a picture from another web site from now on.

Click on you torrent here El Topo
And here is where all magic happen.

See the path
c:\utorrent\El Topo

We need to change this to in my case

So here is what you do.
c) - Go to edit and replace

And you get next window up.

 Do same as this window show

For our example, all of the torrents that originated with the C:\uTorrent\ path are now represented by new path - G:\uTorrent. 
Exit BEncode
d) and be sure to save the new changes to the resume.dat file. 
F) Restart μTorrent, and your torrents should now be seeding from the new drive
Don’t forget, if you copy/pasted the resume.dat file to a different location prior to editing it in BEncode, you’ll need to overwrite it over the old file
in your %appdata%\uTorrent directory (before restarting μTorrent).

Hope this post was useful.
Have a great day.

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