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søndag 11. september 2016

Arturia Analog Lab - My notebook on things - How to make Arturia Analog Lab work in Fl Studio

My keyboard is Arturia Analog Lab.

So i wanted to make some notes on my blogg, about this keyboard. I will edit this as i learn along.

So who use Arturia Keyboard. Well Moby showed his studio on his facebook this week. And there you clearly see he uses Arturia.

I am using an Ipad as an drum machine. And i use other software that i will show as we go along .

First here is some videos.


I found out that a really importen issue is use the keys in Fl studio.

And i never installed all software. Because i am like all men " i know all hehe" and never read any manual.

 MIDI Control Center

This is how you get the keys to work under Fl Studio.

See "cutoff and emphasis"

This will never work if you  not install MIDI Control Center in Fl Studio.

And Arturia support do not understand how to do this. 

After long time i found this out by myself.

The next is to make this link to controller i fl studio.

See other that has problem in same way as me.

I love all synth. And one that is really hard to come over is NI Kore.When i need that extra in a tune. Then a start up Kore. But as it is hard to install under new OS. I will not give you this know how here.

In my example.

here is my start

I add a tone in first level. Then i add a bass. Analoglab 3 i want to add some more .

Then i Use Kore 2.Why because it is amazing.

I add this in pattern 1

 Pattern 2 - Kore 2

I do not know why but after i installed MIDI Control Center, then the settings changed to this.
 Before it was only Arturia minilab.
But now i am able to use all knob in my keyboard. 

Something that i learn is this

 By click on this and choose the tone see the two tone in orange.

Then you can make some really nice drum effekt.


 This also is possible to tune

And the sound is amazing


 So this is possible to makeautmation clip on.And we can link to controller and let the sound change as we go along.

FL Studio Guru | Creating Permanent Controller Links


FL Studio: How to hook up (Link) your Midi Controller FASTEST & EASIEST

FL Studio: How To Link a 3rd Party VST to an Ext. Midi Controller



Arturia Analog Lab 2 Tutorial


The problem with Arturia Minilab is:

If you not start up MIDI Control Center first then no knob will work under FL studio.

1. Start up MIDI Control Center - Press sync
2. Start up Fl Studio
3. Start up Arturia Plugins
4. Now it should work

If this is not done i have found out that all knobs are useless in Fl Studio.

But there is also problem here. Sometimes i found out that this picture not come

Under Arturia minilab it should say sync 1. But many times it comes with FAIL.
Then nothing work.
I have found out that if i sync again and restart FL Studio then all working. 

There must be something that is connected to input port.

Because if input port is ---
Then nothing

When i changed this to : 0 , then knobs worked

So to make Arturia Minilab work under FL Studio then you need

Input port til be same as:

and to sync the controller with MIDI Control Center

The next that i need to find out is how to make all knobs work under different VST then Arturia.

And i belive FL Guru has the answer in his video above
So now i study this video


Change from this

To this

2.Override generic link

Well Fl Guru was right. Now i got my Arturia Analog Lab working under Harmless.

But there was a problem
The knob act strange.

Under MIDI Control Center

Here is the solution

Change it medium

Override generic link choose a knob you would like to use on Arturia Analog Lab.

I just chose Cutoff knob to handle Frekvens in Harmless.

But remember that in MIDI Control Center
the settings need to be medium

This might be the trick to have other VST handled by Arturia keyboard

And what i always wanted to do, has now been fixed.

A small autmation clip and now , well see video above.

So now for badly behaved VST

We want to use the knob on Arturia in other VST

But problem is that some is not so easy to - Override generic link on

So here is how

 1. Go to Current project - Generators

2.Fruity Wrapper

3.Here is the selection of knobs that your VST has. And we need to sort out what knob is to what.

4. Select same as before, but this time click on target interface list


6. The select Override generic link

Tweek the knob that you want on your kontroller and you are done.

So with this lets try to see if Arturia is possible to use cutoff

To find the knob in in the list that you want to use in Nexus.

Just move it.

Then i Selected Override generic link  and moved cutoff on Arturia keyboard. And yess we have a lift off.

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