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søndag 2. oktober 2016

Pitching Samples In The Piano Roll - Vintage Synths onto Fl studio

Vintage Synth
(Writing on this now)

I love all synth, but how to get them today. And also they are big and for us that is not ful of money and have storage there is only a dream.

Until now!

I found a way to make me have all synth. By download the orginal wav files you can use all those sounds on you FL studio and your midi controller.

This document i will add thing as i find things or synth that you all would like to use.
And then i will make an colletion of sounds you can use.

First step is to watch this video
How to use wav files an you piano role

I wanted to use an old synth, but only found some wav files.

By the way here are the wav files i wanted to use.


Some links i see is dead. But there are some of the original files there.

Synth 1

It is for a vintage synth called Fairlight CMI IIx.

Above you find the original files.

This is the same as the band Yello used and Peter Gabriel used.

Pet Shop Boys

So if you add these into fl studio then do as the first video show then these all synth come alive on your midi keyboard.

I use it on my Arturia Minilab.

Check out the nice sounds  from this old synth.

There is an emulator for this OS.

It is called Audio-Term.

There are also other wav files for this:


Next is a collection of synths

  • Korg Delta
  • Korg Poly-61m
  • Korg Poly-800
  • Solton Project-100
  • Lell UDS

Download link

It pack has also nkm files so you can use kontakt.

And ohhh my God th soud is amazing.

How to create a nkc and nkr file for Native Instruments Kontakt 




Packs downloaded by NoiseCollector




80 synth 


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