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torsdag 10. august 2017

SYLENTH1 and problem with AVG

I have foud out that SYLENTH1 has big problem  with AVG.

The plugin will load slow and them it will not come any sound at all.

So i went to AVG and tried to see how to disable this . Because this probem is your firewall that make this.

So i went to this page.


And they not even update to the new AVG.

 So i found the only way to make SYLENTH1 work is to go to

And just make it from red to green.

I think i turne off the firewall.But who knows. AVG has made the new ffirewall so hard to understand. Start to think it is time to change .

Why they made it so difficult compare to the firewall that was before. Like in the article in the link  above. That i could understand.

After i did above then  SYLENTH1 worked.

Here is another problem

This work :

Go to component (Left side under general)

Go to Field Shild
Then go:
Turn off like this.

Test of Slenth now working. If so do this:

Add an Exeptions
 go to where you have sylenth stored then add this path in Exeptions. It should now work

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