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torsdag 15. mars 2018

Fl studio and Arturia Mini Lab Problem

For a long time i have not got my minilab to work how it should do.

Every time i load Fl studio then the settings is reset.
But i have understod some.And i would ike to share this.

1.Midi control center - Arturia

When you start up Flstudio, the default setting is on Knob Acceleration is FAST.

This is the problem. 

To make it work with Fl studio it need to be MEDIUM

I store this setting i Memory 2. 
The problem is that this setting will not been remember by 
fl studio. So you need to go to Arturia Midi control center before you start fl studio.

The i go Device the re call from memory 2 where i have stored Knob Accerleration  as Medium. This you need to do every time.

Then i start FL studio.And then this setting is medium and Fl studio knob will work. If not, then the knob will be like 0 to full . And who can use it like that ?

2.To make button work in Flstudio.

To make Fl studio "remeber" the settings. You need to use Genetic Link.

When you have done this. You need to restart the VST.
Then you button will work the time you start Fl studio.

Before i used Link to controller. But this only work 1 time. Then if you restart fl studio then you had to settthis up again

Well that is my tip of the day. Enjoy!


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