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søndag 20. november 2011

Change battery on Iphone

You have to follow this video as you open you phone. Be carefull when you open then phone. Connector in front of phone might be damage if you open to fast.

 You need some tools. you can buy this tools on ebay. Search for iphone tools.

You might need a small blad/knife also.Buy it here

link to buy it is here.

I just use a blade like this.

buy it here

This is used to open iphone need the home button. Be gentle ! And take your time if you not can open with this.

When you have open you iphone and followed the video above.

Then battery is under logic board and you need to take the logic board out.
When that is done the battery is just take it right out.

But to make sure see this video for Iphone 4

Or for Iphone 3gs video here

Buy battery from ebay. It cost not more then 5- 8 dollar from china and sometimes you get free shipping

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