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søndag 20. oktober 2013

External Graphics Card eGPU video card to your laptop

I want to play games with demand more from my laptop. And mylaptop has a weak grafik card.

So i play with the idea to get an external card. I have come so far to day.



ViDock 2



After more more i found a link

How to make an external laptop graphics adaptor

 The problem i see is that. I do not want a card with open stuff on my desk.

That is really ugly. And how is it possible to travel and have this with you ?

And what if i have a coffee cup problem in this ? I might get killed by GPU.


No this need me to go to some IT center near by. And lucky for me. I am in the heart where all is produced.(Asia)  

 I let you all know when i find something cool :-)

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