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tirsdag 1. oktober 2013

Old Version of iTunes and my anger over itunes.

I really hate itunes. But the last version really made me lost it.

Where is Artflow window of album and i do not know how to do anything on the new Itunes 11.

After itunes crash when i tried to load new albums, then i really lost it.
Why did apple make all easy Apps and made a software to pc that is really crap.

I have tried to find other tools. But they all are not how i like it to work. 

Here is a clue Apple.

- We want itunes to work as a jukebox. We want to see all album with cover. Then we want to transfer that album to our apple device. 

- Also we want to have an app on the iphone that we can controll itunes.

- Also we want to be able to use icloud to send files to our phone. Use wire ? Whatta h....

- Also i want be able to have 2 or more apple device connected to itunes at the same time.

Why, because i want my mp3 to be on a harddrive, then use icloud to play music from that.
- The i also want the choice to uninstall itunes with all shit in 1 uninstaller.
- Also be able to rip video to my apple device from itunes.
- When files is on my iphone, i also want an easy way to transfer files to my harddrive. I do not want to spend 1 week to understand this. In max 10 min if not then you piss me off.

I do not have time and energy to use a week on apple stuff.

What a hell happen when Jobs was gone? You made itunes to a software that i want to hire a hitman to track the developer.

"Iphone - device can not be used, because the nessasary software is not installed."

WHATTTTTT are you kidding me?

I just have done an new install of itunes then this shit come up.

" Run itunes install and remove itunes. Then install itunes again" ( That with a high woman voice. "in my head" )

Well i have done that now for 5 times. And i want to kill that stupied f... that made this software. That is with 5 restart of the computer.

Please let me kill that f... that made this is my though while i throw down a cup of coffee. I did it in anger and burned me so bad.

Then my anger get worse. I found out that i really not like itunes. And then i use all calming technic that is possible to use.  

 " HAAAAMMMM " HAAAAMM " you are calm. Relax you are calm. 

Itunes need some new developer. I love apple devices, but hate itunes. It must have been microsoft that developed itunes. Because that is crap.  
But back to finding a version that is ok.

The problem is to find an old version of Itunes that really work.

But i found a site that has all versions

Old versions of itunes

Old Version of Quicktime Player

I found also some tools that might help with uninstall itunes.


iTunesEradicator allows users to completely remove all traces of iTunes and it's partner products, including Apple Mobile Device Driver, Apple Application Support and Bonjour. It does not however delete your iTunes music library.

The program is both compact and portable, and takes a matter of seconds to complete the removal process! Easily remove all iTunes traces using this tiny tool.


Bye Tunes has been designed as a last resort for Windows users who want to remove the Apple iTunes software completely from their PC.

The program will remove all traces of iTunes with the exception of Quicktime from the computer system. Included in the removal are the Bonjour services, other iTunes related services, Registry keys, startup programs, files, shortcuts and directories.

And what is up with Itunes when no cover of the album is possible to get.

And i hate to see my iphone without coverart.

So tool for this is:

MuvUnder Cover   

MuvUnder Cover helps you find missing cover art to fill in those gray gaps in iTunes.

Here is solution on the problem i had :

1. uninstall itunes
2. Uninstall Quicktime
3. Uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support
4. uninstall apple software update 
5.uninstall application support
 I belive that the problem to all of this is Apple Mobile Device Support.

WHY WHY do apple not have 1 uninstaller for all this?

The answer i found here.


And now my iphone work with itunes.

But trust me, if the people that made itunes was in same room as my this day. I have serious had a long talk with:

But wait story is not over.
Now a new thing happen !

Coverflow in itunes is no way to be found. I see the letters . But there is no way to change into coverflow.

 And why is that. Yes Quicktimes need to be installed.

Is it possible to die of using itunes. Have ever someone died from using that shit ?

Can i get a lawyer and demand 1 hundred million dollars for the suffering itunes make .

I get high blood pressure and burn mark in my mouth and i feel chest pain from using itunes.

By the way the software i told about above did not work !
 iTunesEradicator, ByeTunes, uninstall only by the way i have shown and install itunes again. The also install quicktime.

So now my hitman is looking for thoose guys !

 But again ! Not done yet !!!

 Where is my coverart for this ! and where is that song. IT is a never ending story with itunes.

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