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torsdag 17. april 2014

Have you ever get annoyed by finding sub title to movies or tv series

I will show you a nice way to get sub title to work propely on an tv serie or movie.

You need two tools.

Video how to use Filebot

So here is the way is use these tools

If you have some tv series you have on your harddrive

Like this

But not have subtitle. 

1. Start Filebot and choose subtitles

2. Write in here what the serie called - My choice - Miami Vice

Let it search - time goes..........

And this window come up

I choose Miami Vice (1984) -Select

And now this window come up

Now i find subtitles i need on the list.

Ok i want these

then i use left mouse button and download.

Then you get the files in the window below.
Mark the subtitles and store them in the folder you have your tv serie. 
In my case Miami vice - seaseon 1

But when i download the subtitle i want then to start right away when i start watching.

And many times the subtitle has a name that not is comparable to the episode file.

And here is where SUBDUDE go in.

This is the start window.

Choose browse.
And go to you folder where moviefiles and sub files are stored. 
( Always store subfiles together (in same place) as the movie files )

Now hit GO and subdude.

Subdude wil now say. He find som files..... (number)

Then just rename files same as the movie file.

An now your subtitlefile will start same as the movie file.

(Sometimes the subtitlefile is not the right file and you need to find a better subtitlefile.)

But in this way you not need to rename many files. And it is an easy way to find subtitles

And when you are done it should look something like this.

Also filebot is a tool that is great for other things.

Rename files to how they really should be called.

 First find the show you want the "orignale" name to

I want to find the complete episode list for an old tvshow called Hunter.

I choose select.

and now i get this widow

I then mark all on this list

Ctrl+ A (Then you mark all)

Choose save as

Now store this file in folder you want the list for.

I store it in hunter folder

Why do we do this ?

 Because now we going to rename all the files thathas the wrong name.Also it is great to have a list from all tv show you buy.

Now let us rename a show.
  • Go to rename in filebot

Now we are going to use our txt file we just have downloaded.

Go to load ( In the bottom )

Choose our file - Hunter - episode list.txt.

Now you see the txt fil with original name on right side.

You now have to load the movie or episode fil on the right side.

Now you need to fix like all files are in order.
Like 1,2, 3 is in left place on the right side. If any errors you get like me an red field on right side. 

When all files are in order.

Hit blue Arrow RENAME.

And now you have episode files like the "original" 

Filebot is an great to to find how many episode there is in a tvshow.

Hope all enjoyed today blog post.

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