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onsdag 25. februar 2015

Pc stand with fan of bamboo tree runing on 12 V fan.

Yesterday i got really angry. Where i now am living it is really hot. Sometimes 35 degrees.

And i love to see tv from Norway. But the problem is that my pc get really hot.(See Tv over streaming) Even if i use air condition in the house.

I have bought pc stands like this, but they really suck.

These run on 5 Voltage and they might be used on the North pole. But for normal people this is really crap.

So i found out what i needed to do.

I bought this stand.

Bamboo wood stand. It had an big 5 V fan.

But i took that fan out. 

And used 5 fan that run on 12 V. And with its own power supply.

You find one stand on here. This is like a coffee table 


And this is more like the one i bought.


Then i bought 5 fan that run on 12 V. And i bought a 220 V to 12 V power supply. Must be a power supply that has min 2 Amp or 3 Amp output. 

Then i connected the wire together with a connector list like this.

Then i modified the stand . And now this stand is making my pc work as normal.

The fan blow so hard that my hair got blown back .

I will put out picture later.But now my pc is cool down in the right way.
But just a ting that might be useful for your pc.

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