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onsdag 25. februar 2015

Wifi and network card speed problem.

I have a laptop where the network card is broken. So i use an USB network card.

And i found out something other people might need to know.

If your pc deliver to low voltage then the speed on your internet drop.

I use now an USB hub (USB 3) where the hub has its own power supply.And if i put the USB card into the laptop normal USB port, then the speed drops to half of what my network deliver.

From 15 Mb to sometimes 5 Mb.

I have been complaining about speed to my supplier for a long time.
And they measure the speed into my house to over 15 Mb. But today i found the problem.

If you use an hub or using the USB port on your laptop for external card. Then you might have this problem.

The download speed drops because of voltage problem.

After i upgraded to an USB 3 hub with its own power supply then my speed come to this.

Now it is many online so

If you have download speed problem and using external USB WiFi card. Then you might have this problem.

Solution is this:

Make sure that your external wifi card has enough voltage by using an USB hub with it own power supply.

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