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torsdag 28. mai 2015

Kontakt 5 and Fl studio thing i found usefull

I just started to use kontakt 5in Fl studio
( This article i will update from time to time, reason is i want all Fl studio stuff in 1 article)
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Kontakt 5 ,can be used in flstudio but for me it did not work as many video on youtube show.

The problem is that if you have "windows 7,8 or xxx" and use 64 bit system then some strange things happen.

My fl studio is 32 bit and i run win 7 with 64 bit .

So when you install kontakt 5 that is 64 bit onto an flstudio that is 32 bit, then the "sounds"or VST will be installed in the wrong place.

So here is how i installed my VST for Kontakt 5. If you not do it like this then the next step will not show you Kontakt 5 as an instrument in

If you just click without changing to the right VST plugins directory, then Kontakt 5 never come up under channel in Fl  Studio.

So to get kontakt 5 in Fl Studio install like i show above.

a) Then start up Fl studio
b)Go to

c) Then this picture come up. Go to Refresh, Fast scan

If you have installed Kontakt in the right way, you now should get a new plugin.

"No Library Found" in Kontakt 5

 God this is annoying, but i found a way on youtube. 

Software you need:


And watch this video

And the file on this link you also find it under description of that video

Link here

Then as strange it may sound i use winrar as an renamer of files. I show you later.

 What do i need to rename. Well you need to make a wallpaper for every "sound libery "

 And window is a trick thing to rename files. Sometime you rename and still the file have old name at the end.

So if i rename wallpaper.jpg  to wallpaper.png in window.

It will become "wallpaper.jpg.png" and then it will not run in Kontakt 5.

And here is an imported thing. The wallpaper file has to be called wallpaper.png 

So you have a sound that not work. Here is what you missing.

I downloaded so free sounds and got "No Library Found" and by this way all was ok

So you need to make an (name xxxx).nicnt file also an wallpaper file.

A) The nicnt file you make with Notepad++

B) The wallpaper file you can download a picture you like or find the original file to the sound.

To rename the file i use winrar

See here how windows  make the problem
If you rename in Windows to xxx.png it become wallpaper.png.jpg and can not be loaded.
But here is a simple way.  
- Start up winrar 
- "mark" the file go to fil and rename fil
- remove wallpaper.png.jpg to wallpaper.png and we are done

 It will now load in Kontakt 5.

 This can be freeware and software that you bought and you got some problem. And end up with No library found

Make an uplifting beat

After a long time i finally found a way to understand how to make this easy. Maybe if is me, but i find many people hard to understand.

So here is my way to explain this:

You have to use automation clip to do so

So you have a sound that you want to make an uplift in your song.
Let us say some kind of drums.

 Let us choose kick here.

 When i left click onto kick then you get this picture. See the arrow in upper left corner

Click on this arrow and you get this up. Go to assign free mixer track

 What happen is that you send this sound to the mixer. See the gray area in mixer

by the way mixer you find the mixer up here too.I only have a different skin som my fl studio is blue. I show you later how to do this.


We want to now build up the beat.

Right click onto the gray area. And you get this picture

 We choose
Link selected channels - To this track

Now we need to choose an effect

You choose it here.

Choose fruity free filter, then this comes up

right click on the knob of Freq

Then a window like this come up.

- Choose create automation clip 

This is our uplifting build up. But we are not done.
We need to make it rise up and make a nice sound

Be aware i take "baby steps" into this.
We still not have made any sound to "build up.That we have to make. By adding a pattern from Kick.

The Video that explain this:

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