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tirsdag 2. juni 2015

Hp Smart touch running as an Jukebox

I recent bought an secondhand HP Smarttouch and i bought it for 1 thing only. (The cost 157 dollar.)

Let me show you all.

I have dreamed for a long time to have an jukebox but in a modern way.
- Use mp3
- Touch screen
- connect to internet
- and so on.

But these things cost more then i feel you should pay for something like that.

But this was my solution to get this.

1. Albumplayer

This program has some different skins


2. Minilyric.

I like to see the jukebox as an karaoke machine 
This you can intergrate into albumplayer so it start with your jukebox.

3. Use portable hard drives on USB. 
4. Hp Smart touch

See review of similar PC as i use

This pc also has an Tv tuner inside


It comes with and remote controll


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