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tirsdag 10. november 2015

How to put Note 4 in usb debugging

 Open the following submenu from the home screen: 
Menu --> Settings --> Device Information In this submenu you can see various information about your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. 
An entry is called "build number".
If you tap several times fast on this entry the “developers options“ unlock in which the USB debugging mode is hidden. 
After the seventh time tapping, the developer options on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are unlocked. 
These are now also available in the settings.
 2. Go out from this menu, then you get a choice in settings "Developer options"in gray
Now tap the button "Developer Options" and you will receive a list of different settings. In the section "Debugging" you find will findthe "USB debugging" option. Set a tick in the checkbox to enable this feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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