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torsdag 15. desember 2016

Have you ever wondered how artists get that full synth sound

I have many times wonder how artis like Yanni, jan Hammer, Jean Michel Jarre get that full sound.

Also i heard Kygo also used this way to make his sound.

After an interview with Yanni i now so the light .

Let us see this clip.

Yanni Master Class:

And he trick is to use many sound together. Or like yanni many synth in the same time.

I can not effort same synth collecton as Yanni.
But what can i do.
Well i can use Kontakt 5. And there we can use mulit instument.

How do we do that?

Mulit instrument is when you load  man NKI at the same time,but if you do normally.Then you only get 1 sound.

The reason is when you load first instument and the second instruemt then you getit like this.

See Midi Ch 1 then Midi ch 2.

If you do like this only 1 instrumet play when you hit the keyboard.

So what to do?

By change all Midi Ch to same channel, In here all is Midi ch 1.
Then we have done same as Yanni. And we get a much better sound.

Also i save my presets for later.

So go up

Files - Save Multi as, and name you new sound.

When you wnt to use it just make your own folder for your preset

And then when you wan to use just go load  Files - Load and find your preset.

Hope that help.

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