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onsdag 15. juni 2016

How to get pattern back on Fl Studio

This is a tricky one. And the reason is you have to find a script.
I have tried to find a link to this script but no luck.

I have it but where to upload?

What pattern blok looks like and what really we want is this picture.

To get this you need:

This is a fil that you drag in to regedit

The txt fil for this skript and how to is like this:

For those of you who are looking to still get pattern blocks, even though this file is no longer available:

1. Open your registry editor by going to "run" and typing "regedit" (without quotes) 

2. Follow this path: 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Image-Line\FL Studio 11\General\MIDIForm

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Image-Line\FL Studio 11\General\MIDIForm] "LegacyPatBlocksBox"="1"

Restart Fl studio

Sometimes this is not enough.And i found out that if i do this i might come back

Enable legacy precomputer effects.
And sometime it it is not needed. I really not know why this happen.

I tried to put this script out but no luck.

So just try to find this script


As you see in this video the script is now removed.

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