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torsdag 16. juni 2016

Kontakt 5 ADDON

There are many addon to kontakt 5.

I think these are the best :

"This is a document that i add more as i go"(Live document)

Best service



ARCHTOP: Hollowbody Electric Guitar

ARIA Sounds - Ethnic Flutes - Bansuri, Xiao and Pan


Orange Tree Samples Evolution Electric Guitar Stratosphere 

Orange Tree Samples Evolution Strawberry Electric Guitar v2 0

Indiginus Renaxxance Exprexxive Nylon String Guitar KONTAKT


Vienna Symphonic Library Tenor.Saxophone 

This is really amazing. When you switch over to Big city

Then it is like you are a street musician in New York. The mood is amazing.

Switch also to Link note velocity to velocity and you can then feel the sax. You midi keyboard will then get get softer keys if you press soft. And harder keys when you press harder.

The effect is amazing.

The Clarinet Collection



Totally Amazing addon

Warelore Resonator Slide Guitar


Wavelore Pedal Steel 



This is an amazing kontakt instrument 

1. https://www.studiolinked.com/product/kontaktlibraries/westcoast-classic-edition/


 Youtube demo

The next one to day is so beautiful.

Watch this

The addon is called FrozenPlain Arctic Strings.
And look on the layout on this. And the sound is sooo nice.


I really love music that make you feel well. An addon that really make you feel you have sand under your feet is this one.


This is an addon that you can play bossa nova music and mix in new style with fl studio.


To day i testet out 2 addon

Both from

John Diamanti Fox Solo Clarinet by Fluffy Audio

Fluffy Audio - Trio Broz Solo Cello

Adam Monroe Music - Upright bass V.1.3 KONTAKT


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