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torsdag 29. mars 2012

Best Cydia Sources – 2012

source: http://ipad-os.net/cydia/cydia-sources/

Best for , , &

>> Where you can find the best , tweaks & .!
>> Please report a broken source (link)
1 Hackulo Cydia Source/Repo Hackulo Source / Repo
- First source to install after // 
- Main Apps: Installous and AppSync []. You will need to install Installous ONLY; AppSync will be automatically installed.
2 Insanelyi Cydia Source/Repo Insanelyi
- Best source for cracked Cydia apps and Cydia (Cydia Store apps).
- Main Apps: Action Menu Plus Pack, AndriodLock XT, Barrel, biteSMS, frash, Graviboard, Gridlock, iAcces, , Infiniboard, Infinidock, Infinifolders, Lockinfo, Masks, , My Wi, SleepFX, YourTube 2 and many more.
- Excellent source for cracked Cydia themes
- Good source for games DLC and cheats
3 HackYouriPhone Cydia Source/Repo HackYouriPhone Source
- Best source for cracked and (Cydia Store themes)
- Main Themes: Amplified HD, , Boxor HD – Ceramic White, blAze HD/iPad, , Glass Orb, iFlat, iFlat4 HD iPad, iNitsua Z SD/HD/iPad, , inPulse HD/SD, Kryptonite, LiveOS, , Prestige-HD/SD, , Revolve HD/SD, SBHD, and many more
- Good source for games DLC and cheats.
- Excellent source for cydia apps/tweaks as well.
4 SinfuliPhone Cydia Source/Repo SinfuliPhone Source
- Excellent source for free Cydia apps/themes: e.g. AndroidLock, Attachment Saver, FaceBreak, GameBoy emulator, iBlueNova, iRealSMS, My3G, MyWi, and NES emulator.
- May cause Cydia loading errors
5 xSellize Cydia Source/Repo xSellize Source / Repo
- Excellent source for cracked Cydia Store apps/themes: e.g. Cycorder, Cyntact, CLASSified HD, FBUploader, , , Speed Intensifier and many more.
- May cause Cydia loading errors
6 iAP Cracker Cydia Source/Repo Official Repo/Source
iAP Cracker: Great app cracks inApp Purchases and make it Free.
Examples for free inApp Purchases: Angry Birds (Mighty Eagle), Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Jetpack Joyride, Line Birds, Plants vs Zombies and Tiny Tower.. .
7 BiteYourApple Cydia Source/Repo BYA (BiteYourApple)
- Excellent Italian source for Cydia apps/themes, e.g. Full Screen for Safari, GroupSMS,Home Page in Safari and Wifi Sync.
8 51iPA Cydia Source/Repo 51iPA Source
- Chinese source, known as the best games DLC/Cheats worldwide.
9 iHackstore Cydia Source/Repo iHackstore Repo/Source
- Good source for cracked apps/themes
10 TheiPhoneSpot Cydia Source/Repo TheiPhoneSpot Repo/Source
- New source: Cydia apps and Cydia themes.

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