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torsdag 26. april 2012


Radio from 1950-60 made new life. Ipod connector and a clean up.

Music from Stephen King - Christine

 1958 Plymouth Fury

The job:
Most of the radio has a potentiometer.

I always prepare the wire by soldering L & R together on wire. 

Earth is left alone.

Most of the time you have earth on 3 leg.
Do the soldering first on earth (leg 3) See if there is many ponits to this point.
(Color black on wire)

Second, connect a cd player, mp3 player to him connector
If you dont have a prebuy wire like this, you need to solde wire in this to leg .

3.Then when i have this done. (Connected to cd player, mp3) then i switch on radio. Be careful of the voltage.

4. Take then i find out where sound is on the other leg, by taping it to leg 1, leg 2 and so on.
When i hear the sound, that is the leg we sold the next point too.

Disconnect the radio from power.

And solde it to leg where sound is.

Take a drill and make a hole in plastic. And use superglue and glue connector to the radio.

And that is it!

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